Thursday, June 11, 2009

Six degrees of separation from Kris Allen?

A perfectly meaningless story about the crazy world of the internet:

I knew announcing our pregnancy might draw back a few of the readers I had lost during the last few months of writer's block and I figured posting a facebook status that led people here to discover our exciting news might result in a few more hits.

But yesterday's stat counter recorded many more hits than I expected... when I checked it before heading to bed last night, it had recorded 448 hits in the last 24 hours when previously we had be averaging only 64 per day.

I was curious. So I did a little internet sleuthing.

The stat counter I use allows you to see the last 100 visitor's entry pages (the main page or a specific post) and will also let you see what page referred them to the blog (someone else's blog, my facebook profile, etc).

The log of entry pages yielded the first clue. A large percentage of visitors to our blog were going directly to this post. A very inspiring video... but one I had posted months ago. Why the sudden interest?

So, I dug a little deeper. The log of referrals showed a large number of these visitors were arriving at this post from Twitter. I will be the first to admit that I do NOT understand twitter... it baffles me. The only person I know on twitter is Josh so I asked him if he had posted any kind of link to our blog on his twitter account. Nope. One twitter address seemed to show up more than the others... a twitter page belonging to someone named Rick Bezet. Turns out, Mr. Bezet posted a link to the video on my blog yesterday...

Fair enough. So what in the world does this have to do with Kris Allen, 2009 American Idol winner? Turns out Rick Bezet is the pastor at New Life Church in Conway, Arkansas ... the church where Kris Allen supposedly goes and that rallied support for him during the American Idol competition. I also think that Mr. Bezet traveled to Los Angeles as a guest of Kris Allen for the season finale.

Small world.

I have NO idea what brought Mr. Bezet to our blog in the first place or if he read anything about Noah while he was here... but I thought it was an interesting story nonetheless!


Amanda said...

I am Katie Mohr's sister-in-law. I am so excited about your news!!! My family has prayed for your family for awhile now. I would love to think Rick Bezet read about your sweet family and all that God is bringing you through...Rick Bezet is a wonderful man of God. And yes, Kris Allen does attend church there when and if he is in town and he was on the worship team before AI.

Mrs. Filly said...

that is absolutely!!!! crazy!! rick bezet speaks at our church sometimes! in fact he was speaking at our church the night that kris allen got eliminated (if i remember that correctly)!! very small world!

Anonymous said...


I hope you never find out how many times Kayla and I check out your blog. You might think that we are blog stalkers! LOL!! Miss you guys!

Kim K.

Sarah said...

Just wanted to comment that we've prayed for your family for over a year. My mother had your family on her list for her morning novina to the Blessed Mother Mary.This was after we read your story on Jodie Allen's blog. Today my mom asked if I had checked back to see if you both were having a baby. I told her it had been many months since I checked back but I could do that for her. I am standing speechless as I am not certain why she would have asked such a question... WE DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU personally but somehow, someway she thought to ask it. Congratulations to you both and best wishes, Sarah Patton, St. Louis, MO

Anonymous said...

Right, Kris Allen was a member of our church praise team- a vocal lead for New Life Church.
Rick Bezet is the pastor, but he wasn't in Hollywood just for the American Idol finale'; he was there to do a wedding for a former staff member who had lived there and that was arranged months before we knew Kris would be a finalist - then win :)

Randi said...

First of all, congrats! That is wonderful news.
I read your comment on the Mooney's page and read all about your beautiful son, Noah. He has touched my life for sure.
Again, congrats!