Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Toasted ravs and other thoughts

1. I would probably give my left arm for some toasted ravioli right now. (For those of you not from the St. Louis area, you don't know what you are missing.)

2. I took a first step to transform Noah's room into a room for the new baby on Saturday. His room has remained virtually untouched since last August... except for being used for additional storage when the flood displaced many of our belongings. I started by sorting clothes, trying to decide what to keep, what to give away, and what to save as just for memories of our little Noah man. It is going to be a long, emotional process.

3. This is the beginning of a long month of sad anniversaries. One year ago Saturday we took Noah to the emergency room because he stopped breathing. We never got a chance to bring him home again. Extra prayers would be appreciated as we remember and celebrate Noah's life during these next few weeks.

4. Is it possible that this little boy inside me is already strong-willed? I made an unscheduled trip to the doctor's office yesterday to hear his heartbeat because he hadn't been moving as much as usual on Sunday... after kicking me hard enough on Saturday morning for Josh to feel. His heartbeat was strong and clear... and I was relieved. Today, of course, he has been kicking me like crazy. Silly boy - you shouldn't scare your mama like that!

5. Did I mention that I really want some toasted ravioli?


Becca said...

Man, I wish they fed-exed those tasty treats. I was just commenting to Bobby how I wanted some toasted ravioli's.

I've been thinking about "this time last year." This may seem silly, and I don't mean it to come out wrong. I've been thinking about you guys because right as all these things were happening for you guys last year, was right when I and the girls moved down to Texas.

So since, it's almost been a year since we moved down to Texas, I've been thinking about you guys.

I'll be praying!

The Locke Family said...

I too can appreciate the toasted ravioli's! YUM!!

I've also been thinking about you and knew these sad anniversaries were just around the corner. Know that you are being prayed for and loved from afar during these next few weeks.

Miss you guys!

Gina Dankel said...

Thoughts on toasted ravioli-delicious, had them last weekend. Can you order from Viviano's on the Hill to be shipped? Just a thought.

Tell that little boy to be an angel. I'm sure once he gets here he will always do exactly everything you want (wink, wink).

Definitely (especially) thinking of you these next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Chelsea brought a friend home last week from WV who had never tasted toasted ravioli, so we introduced her to the tasty treat. Of course she loved them. People don't know what they are missing!!

You guys are in our prayers.

The Kinzingers

Kara F. said...

Will you be with Josh and the team when they come to St. Louis in August? If so, Toasted Ravioli will be on the menu for the team dinner at our house!

Prayers are headed your way!

becky canatsey said...

i saw on a cooking show one time Paula Dean dipping regular ravioli in buttermilk than breading and then frying. they looked like the amazing t ravs we all know and love in stl. maybe you could try that to satisfy you craving!

Grammy3 said...

We are all so excited to welcome a new baby boy Lauer into the family. You have been on my mind as I remember the sad time of last year, and how going thru Noah's things must be painful. My heart aches for you however, I am also joyous for the new blessing in your life. Can't wait!!! And we used to have a place here in indy that had toasted ravioli and yes it was tasty! Love,Nancy

Anonymous said...

I had a serious craving for all things St.Louis when I was pregnant, toasted ravioli was number one on my list. Farrattos will ship them to you. I received 100 of them for Christmas from my sweet husband!

You have been and will continue to be in my prayers. Love you.


Anonymous said...

Thinking about you. I know tomorrow will be tough.