Monday, March 15, 2010

Be a word nerd... and do something good for the world

I love words.

I wish somewhere along the way that I learned more about the Greek and Latin roots of English... and have actually contemplated buying these (or asking for them for my birthday!) to fill in the gaps in my education.

Anyhoo, the Pioneer Woman posted a link today to a website called FreeRice. It tests your vocabulary knowledge and donates grains of rice to the World Food Programme for every right answer you give! No registration required and there are other categories of knowledge to choose from if being a word nerd just isn't your thing.

I've made it to Level 42 but can't seem to muster enough brain power to get further. No worries, Eli will nap for at least another 20 minutes! (Never mind the shower I should be taking during these few minutes of peace in the house...)


Jan C. said...

You are an evil woman, Deb! On a rainy day when I am supposed to be productively cleaning septic bathrooms, you add a link to a word-game-with-benefits to your blog. Much more fun for this retired English teacher to mess around with than Clorox bleach fumes and rags! (I made it to level 51 before my conscience got the best of me!)