Thursday, March 24, 2011

Something for your 'To Do' list

I miss St. Louis.  {Sigh}

Definitely a case of 'you don't know what you've got til it's gone.'

I'd like to introduce you to a couple of my friends from St. Louis... Russ and Katie Mohr.
I've known the Mohrs since before Josh and I got hitched and, frankly, always wished I'd had a chance to be better friends with them.  They are cool that way.

Katie writes an awesome blog that she started to document their incredible journey to adopt a little boy from Guatemala.  You can read it here.

Russ is artist of many talents.  Singer.  Songwriter.  Trumpet player.  Graphic designer.  He is in an awesome band called the Fundamental Elements.  Amazing.  

Anywho, Russ and Katie are in the process of adopting another little boy, this time from the US.  And the costs are astronomical.  As a way to off-set some of these expenses, Russ has recorded a 6-track worship CD that is available for digital download.  

It's called Hymns & Spiritual Songs.  Go HERE to check it out.  You should take a listen.  You won't be disappointed.  
And then you should buy it so you can listen to it some more.  And know that you are helping some excellent parents bring a little boy into their home to love.

From Russ:
Hymns & Spiritual Songs is a worship EP comprised of 3 original tracks and 2 hymns by Fundamental Elements front-man and City Church director of worship arts, Russ Mohr. Russ collaborated with band-mate and close friend Luke DeJaynes, who engineered and mixed the project. All instruments were performed by Russ and Luke. Recorded at the Groove Kitchen in Greenville, IL. 

This EP was recorded as a fund-raising effort to help the Mohr family offset the expenses of adopting a baby boy in Spring, 2011. It is our hope and prayer that the music recorded on this album is a blessing to you and your family, just as your purchase of this record has been a blessing to ours. 

Thanks so much for supporting our endeavor and our art. Enjoy!