Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Well, hello there June!

Have you missed seeing this face?


May is a volleyball coach's wife's dream.
After a whirlwind spring of recruiting and adjusting to life at the University of Georgia, Josh finally got to take a break. In fact, the NCAA requires it in the form of a recruiting quiet period!

So I took a break, too, and went off the grid.

During our siesta, we loaded Eli into the car and headed down to Destin. I'm a lucky girl as it was my second time down in as many weeks.

The conditions couldn't have been more perfect... there were green flags (calm conditions) on the beach for three days in a row and ample sunshine.

Eli approved!






We found a classic Destin breakfast spot called the Donut Hole. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce Eli to the wonderful world of donuts. It was vacation after all!   I think he liked it!

20110514-002.jpg 20110514-003.jpg

Next to the donut, I think Eli's favorite part of our vacation was the fountain at a local shopping center.  Pretty sure the look on his face was pure joy the whole time we were there.


20110514-020.jpg 20110514-024.jpg

Needless to say, it was a fantastic week.  

I'm ready to go back.

P.S.  My sweet little boy will be a year and a half old TOMORROW!  Can you believe it?  Stay tuned for a 'Watch Me Grow' pic to commemorate the occasion!  


Becca said...

You are lucky!

We went to Destin last week and it was so great. Unfortunately I didn't get great pictures like you. I just realized I had my camera set wrong. So now I have a hundred so so pics. Doh! On the plus side my camera isn't broken.

He is getting so so so big!

Nicole said...

So excited to see your new posts! I've missed them! (I know, my last blog was in January)
Glad you're enjoying some family time. Eli gets cuter every time I see a picture. When are you coming to St. Louis again? :)