Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last but not least...

Life has been distracting me lately... the beginning of the VB season, the start of various activities I have signed up for in an effort to get 'plugged' in in Athens, and a few free lance projects have all been the focus of my time.

Sorry, blog-world, for letting you fall by the way side!

Here are a few pics from the end of my journey with Eli to St. Louis.  We stopped in Nashville over night on the way to and from the Lou, both times staying with good friends who I hadn't seen in a while.  The Roper clan is getting the short end of the stick... I didn't really get my camera out that first night and as a result have no pictures to document the fun we had a Pei-Wei or the torture their poor dog endured at the hands of Eli.

I did a little better documenting at our stop at the Emerys on our way home.
Eli had such fun playing with the Emery kiddos and was pretty sad when we had to leave to finish our trek.


After trying on these sweet shades, Eli agreed to let Claire take him for a little spin around the driveway.  He loved every minute of it even though he looks like he is holding on for dear life in this pic!


Eli got his ring-around-the-rosie schwerve on several times on our trip... but it was load of fun playing it on the air mattress with Claire and Ben!

Thanks for your hospitality, Emerys!  Love you!