Thursday, December 15, 2011

Eli and the Big Truck

A typical conversation with Eli these days is about one of the following things:  trains (choo-choos), back hoes (dig-digs), or big trucks (beh chruck).

So you can only imagine his joy and delight when his Pappy drove his rig to Athens for Thanksgiving and let Eli sit in the driver seat.


He was, simply put, over the moon.


Pappy even showed Eli how to honk the hydraulic horn!

  20111125-011.jpg 20111125-016.jpg

My big boy doesn't look so big when he is behind the wheel of this big truck!



Such fun!  Thanks, Pappy!


Sarah Call said...

If Graham and Eli could hang out, they would be best friends. Graham is equally as obsessed with choo-choos and big trucks (pronounced big guck). A ride down the road consists of him saying "big guck" over and over again as he spots them. We took him to a restaurant/old train station and he saw "big choo-choos" too. He was so excited he didn't know what to do with himself. LIttle boys are so much fun!

Duncan Moredock said...

Hey there, little fellow! How was the ride on that big blue truck? He looked so excited to be the driver and so happy to just handle the wheel. You are such great parents!