Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Years in Lakeland, part 1

After Christmas, we loaded up the car and headed down to Lakeland, Florida to spend some time with Josh's parents.  I learned two things on this long drive:  
1)  I-75 from Macon, GA to Tampa, FL may be the most boring stretch of interstate in the country.  
2) The iPad is an awesome way to keep a toddler occupied on a long drive.

The weather was gorgeous during our visit and there was an awesome park within walking distance of Josh's parents' apartment.  We wandered over there one morning and let Eli explore.

He first checked out this big cat...


And then did a little digging in the sand pit...

  20111229-005.jpg 20111229-006.jpg

We blew some bubbles and Eli chased them... 


It was originally a little too chilly for Eli to play in the fountains, but as it warmed up it was tough for Eli to resist the call of the water.  


20111229-015.jpg 20111229-016.jpg

I don't remember if Eli was crying in this picture because he was cold or if he was mad that he had to stop playing in the water.  Either way, I thought he looked pretty cute bundled up in my sweatshirt!



Chris said...

Ok, the photo of Eli in the sweatshirt is too funny. There is a fountain sprouting out of the top of his head! No wonder he's crying ! :)

Anonymous said...

Deb, I was perusing my bookmarks and decided to look in on the Lauers. It's nice to see your family doing so well. BIG BOY! Matt Maniaci