Sunday, November 23, 2008

On the road again...

I have been very fortunate to travel with the Alabama volleyball team this season as they go on the road to play against their SEC foes.  We are currently in Florida, in a David vs. Goliath type match-up, hoping to show the Gators what we are really made of.  It is our last away match of the season with our last home match the Friday after Thanksgiving.

So, as I sit staring at the banners hanging from the ceiling in the arena marking the 16 consecutive years that Florida has made the NCAA tournament in volleyball, it cannot help but feel surreal.  Last year at this time, Josh's season with UMSL had already ended and the idea of coaching somewhere else had not entered our minds.  Today, he is sitting on the Alabama bench as the assistant coach and coaching against one of the sport's most accomplished head coaches in Mary Wise.  Life certainly offers unexpected twists and turns. 

The blessings at Alabama have been many.  We are glad to be with the Tide. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,
I wish I could "beam" myself to join you in sunny Florida! We are in the midst of the dreaded tryout weekend. As usual there has been drama, tears, fatigue, and high anxiety. Several teams are sitting on five "yeses" and hoping the phone will ring with more good news. Don't you miss those days? :) Lisa L's 17-1 team will be very strong this year and she is SO excited. [They also had 9 yeses right off the bat --- lucky dogs.] I love the look and theme of your new blog. I hope you and Josh have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We think of you often. Good luck to the team. If SLU can beat Stanford, AL can tame the Gators!
Love, Kathy H.

fern said...

I'm glad you're traveling with them! That has to be exciting. Good luck!!

Katie said...

So blessed that you are blessed!!

Tammy said...

And the Tide nation is glad to have you!

Blessings and prayers!