Friday, November 13, 2009

And so it begins...

How far along? 36 weeks
Labor Signs? Frequent braxton--hicks contractions... enough so that I am 50% effaced and about 1 cm dilated as of yesterday!
Some nights yes, some no. I've found that I sleep great on the couch where I can prop myself up against the back pillows.
Best moment this week? Josh NOT having to go on a recruiting trip on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.
Movement? Yep. Even as we speak.
Food cravings? Frozen yogurt... cools that pesky heartburn and we have a great new place in T-town (Yogurt Mountain)
What I miss? Having more that about 3 outfits that actually fit on my body, two of which include sweatpants
What I am looking forward to? Having T-Von in my arms.
Milestones? Under 30 days until my due date!


The Parker's said...

I hear ya! I'm about 1 cm., but didn't ask about the other half. That's okay, though, b/c we're not ready! Hopefully, we'll have a crib in the very near future! I'm excited for you guys! Not too much longer...:-)

Tammy said...

Wow, time flies! Blessings as you prepare to welcome this wonderful gift from God.

I have yet to try the new yogurt place, may have to do that today!

Anonymous said...

Hey friend! Wow, it's getting close. That's very exciting!!! If you get a chance download the free app "words with friends" on your iphone and beat me at scrabble. My username is Notorious D. Miss you!! D

Grammy3 said...

I kinda like T-Von, it sounds like a Lauer name! We are praying for you and Josh and wish you a happy Thanksgiving! Nancy

Jeff Fox said...

It is so fun to see your pregnancy progressing. So happy for you guys! Colorado misses you - come play sometime this summer...

Blessings, Leslie Fox and gang