Monday, July 19, 2010

Bits of my weekend - volume 10

The Lauer fam hit the road to North Carolina this weekend!
The Alabama volleyball staff ran a camp for several high schools in the Waynesville area (Coach G's hometown) ... Eli & I decided to tag along to try to escape the heat in Tuscaloosa.

The trip took about 6 hours. Mr. E did a great job in the car,
with only a little bit of fussing.
We took a few pics while we were hanging out in the backseat. Cheeks!

We stayed in an awesome house in the mountains and surrounded by trees. This was the best shot I could get of it as it was literally perched on the side of a rather steep incline! Eli did NOT enjoy sleeping in his pack and play... after the first night, he managed to weasel his way into bed with us around 2 am each night. Stinker!

Judy's dad scored us an invitation to a barn party on Friday night... my understanding was that it was some sort North Carolina State football yearly reunion bash that runs three nights in a row! Judy and Josh proudly sported their Bama gear and we weren't about to turn down free food! It was a little rainy, but we had a great time!

There was an amazing bluegrass band playing in the barn.
Pavlina and Eli danced a jig together.

While the coaches did their thing at camp Saturday morning, I took the little man on a walk around Lake Junaluska. The lake and flowers were beautiful.

We took a few breaks from the stroller to sit on a bench and practice standing by fence. Is it just me or does Eli keep getting cuter??

We ate lunch every day at Judy's parents' house... delicious food and even better company. We would sit out on the patio and relax before the staff had to head back to the afternoon session of camp. Judy took a little time out on Saturday at lunch to snuggle with the E-man.

I loved the drive from town back to the rental house. I pulled over a few times on Saturday afternoon while Eli snoozed in the back seat so I could snap a few shots of my favorite spots.

We headed back to the lowlands (and the heat) on Sunday.
We had a great weekend but it was good to be home!

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Katie said...

He is getting cuter every time I see a new pic and that's saying a lot...

Melissa said...

He's very cute! You snapped a lot of nice pictures. I love the lake and pretty flowers.

Truman Family said...

Oh my goodness, look at those calves!
Great pictures.