Friday, October 8, 2010

Constructive Feedback Friday

I recently discovered the awesome I Heart Faces photography site. Very fun.

And as a VERY amateur photographer, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to participate in {Constructive Feedback Friday}.

So here is my shot...
(Click HERE to get to the original.)

EXIF data: f/4.0 - 1/30 sec - ISO 400 - 11.4 mm

I love the angle of this shot but it is much darker than I would like.
I'm also think there might be a creative way to crop it that I am just not seeing.
And I always look for a way to highlight my little guy's eyes... and I feel like they just disappear in this pic.

I usually use Lightroom to edit. Occasionally, I venture into Photoshop.

Thanks for the help!


Raquel said...

First of all, Eli is precious!!!! I do think the photo is a little dark. I would start by increasing your exposure in LR a bit and then try using your adjustment brush to make his eyes pop a bit?
It's great to have such an adorable subject!

Dee said...

This is a good shot, it has a lot of potential. My recommendation is to crop in much closer so that it's just him (maybe even just his face), this will allow you to show off his eyes more. Also, when cropping, remember the Rule of Thirds - or simply put, don't have your subject perfectly centered, either horizontally or vertically. Since I use PSE8 the only other thing I'd suggest is to tweak the curves.

Heather L Combs said...

I took a stab at this one. I'm an amateyr myself so...

Christina said...

I would try it, but it says that downloading has been disabled. ?? I think there's a lot of potential here.

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

I had a quick go at this one in Lightroom. Lovely picture :D I didn't bother editing out your watermark though so there's a bit of that in the edit.

Sarah said...

Thanks for letting us all have fun editing! His eyes are so beautiful! I brightened the photo, added a little warmth, and added a colored texture to make his white head stand out from the background. It's a little more processed looking with the texture than I usually do but just trying something a little different.
What a cutie!