Friday, October 22, 2010

I kind of wish it would rain

I kind of wish it would rain.  
Because this red raincoat makes me supremely happy.


But it isn't just a cute raincoat.

It is a raincoat that used to belong to Eli's big brother Noah.
Who never got to wear it.

It is a raincoat that was given to me by a dear friend from college and made by her mother

This friend happened to have a little boy within a week or two of Noah's birthday.  I'm pretty sure they would have been friends if they ever had a chance to meet.   

So, you see, a rainy day has a way of making me smile.


Gina Dankel said...

The only thing missing...rain boots.

Such a cutie.

Greener Dena said...

Super special! He looks great in it and I'm sure will wear it proudly knowing it was his big brother's. Hugs!