Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bring it on, 2011!

There are many changes afoot in the Lauer household.
And lots of unknowns that will hopefully become known in the near future.
But one thing is sure... if I get to spend 2011 with these two guys, all the rest doesn't matter too much.



ashley said...

Hi Deb! The picture above is SO precious! Thanks for your comment about naps... I'm trying to work on the afternoon crib nap, because it would sure be nice for me to have a little mental break too. She sleeps really well in her crib at night (10-11 hours straight), but she just doesn't nap! I am hoping the afternoon "crib nap" will at least turn into a tolerable rest period for her even if she doesn't sleep. Right now it is a melt down! P.S. - let me know if you find out you're moving to philly!!