Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

It has been a crazy couple of weeks.

The crazy started with Eli and I spending a week flying solo at home while Josh was in Kansas City hanging with his volleyball peeps, watching the Division I national championship, and trying to find a job. Josh had a head cold, I had a chest cold, and Eli was his normal VERY energetic self.

We met up with Josh in St. Louis and flew to Denver to spend the week leading up to Christmas with my parents and my brother's family.  SIX adults, FOUR boys, and TWO dogs.  Josh was still blowing his nose, I was still hacking up a lung, and Eli was thankful his cousins as a release for some of his energy.

And then the stomach flu reared its ugly, despicable head.

First to fall... Harry, my youngest nephew.
Then Eli, who, fortunately, had a milder case.
Then my mom.
Then me.  On the day we flew home.  Nothing like losing your lunch in an airplane bathroom.
Then my dad.


It has taken until today before we have all felt back to 100%.

In spite of all that craziness, we had a great time with the western Reckases.
Killer Bunnies.  Football in the park.  Cookie decorating.  An afternoon walk.  Family time.


Band of brothers:

Doggy kisses:

Killer Bunnies:


Playtime at the park:

20101223-012.jpg  20101223-017.jpg

Brother sandwich:




Afternoon walk:


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Sarah Call said...

Deb, no joke, I had the same type stomach bug flying home from Kansas yesterday. Vomited in the plane's bathroom, the Atlanta airport bathroom and the parking garage back in Boston. Not fun at all. I feel your pain. Glad you had such a great trip and visit with your family! Great pictures as usual.

Heather S. said...

So sorry you were sick!! Half of our family had it too! Seems like everyone everywhere has had it!! Crazy!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you were sick, but being with family makes everything feel better. Happy New Year. Keeping everyone in our prayers, and praying Josh gets a new job ASAP.

sara luke said...

Us too! Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the day after. It was awful.