Thursday, April 14, 2011

It was time.

There was definitely a party going on in the back.
And not really sure it was all business in the front.
Something needed to be done.

So yesterday we set up the booster seat on the patio and Josh got out his trusty electric shaver.

I wasn't sure how the little man was going to react to the noise of the shaver based on his typical reaction to the vacuum cleaner and the lawn mower... which is full-fledged fear and loathing.

Fortunately, the shaver is MUCH quieter and, with Curious George on the TV as distraction, all went smoothly and without much ado.

Pre-cut comb out
Say goodbye to the mullet!
Any good mama would put that pile 'o hair in the baby book, right?

So far, so good!


The final product.  Why does mama keeps rubbing my head?


Nicole said...

Wow! Good work, Josh. Remember teaching me how to cut Cory's hair 8 years ago?