Thursday, April 28, 2011

Please pray for Tuscaloosa

We have been living in Athens, GA, since the beginning of February but Tuscaloosa still feels a lot like home to us.  And I cannot put into words the devastation the town has experienced.  

This video was shot from the building where Josh's office was when he worked there.  Unbelievable, heart-stopping action.

The pictures of the aftermath are heart-wrenching and tragic.

This is a town in need of supplies, equipment, man-power and prayer.

Blocks of business I used to go to on a regular basis are just gone.  

From what we know, all of our friends and those associated with the volleyball program at Alabama are safe and accounted for. 

We are still waiting to hear about the condition of the home that Josh's parents still own (and were trying to sell).  It sits in the path of the tornado and we cannot believe it has escaped unscathed.

Please consider making donation to the Red Cross or to our church home in Tuscaloosa, Capstone Church.


Linda said...

Oh, Deb,
Thought about you and Josh and your connections to Tuscaloosa all day long. Praying for your Crimson Tide family.