Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Escaping Athens...

A few weeks ago Josh went on the mother of all recruiting trips.

9 days.  4 states.

Holy cow.

Fortunately, Eli and I were rescued by our friend, Judy, who invited us to come and hang out with her in Destin.

The seven hour drive alone in the car with a VERY active toddler was a bit daunting.  But when the BEACH is at the end of that long drive?  Bring it on.


Eli hadn't been in a pool since he was 8 or 9 months old... so he was a little unsure in the beginning.. which wasn't helped when he planted his face right into the water in the kiddie pool reaching for a toy on the first day.  Most of the week he preferred to sit on the edge of the pool throwing toys (or his crocs) in and waiting for us to retrieve them.  If I brought him into the pool with me, he shook his head and said, 'Noooooooo'.



Then Coach Judy stepped in...

and, by the end of the week, she had coaxed him into the pool with her where he splashed and giggled and had a grand old time.



Eli also made a new friend... in the form of a lizard that lived on the tree outside the condo.  Every time we walked to the car, he would first head over to the tree to see if his buddy was around.

20110420-002.jpg  20110420-003.jpg

Judy introduced us to the deliciousness that is a shrimp po-boy from a local restaurant called the Crab Trap.  We walked 5 miles round trip TWICE to partake in the goodness... and I am counting the days until I can gobble one up again.  YUM.  We also ate at the Back Porch where Eli and I found a deck chair that was the perfect size for the two of us...


Thanks, Aunt Judy!  We had a blast! Eli loves Ju Ju!



Nicole said...

What great pictures of Eli and "Ju Ju"! So cute that he calls her that. Glad you had a fun trip! Miss you!