Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Road Construction

One of the newest crazes sweeping my group of friends is a website called Pinterest.

It is a virtual bulletin board of ideas that you want to remember... the way we used to rip out pages of magazines, this site allows you to grab a picture of home decor, a baby present, a hair styles, etc., that you come across on-line and 'pin' them to your board.  You can peruse what your friends have pinned and get even more ideas.

The site has the potential to be a little overwhelming and make me covet all the beautiful things in the world that I know we can't afford... but at the same time, it helps me keep track of some really fun ideas.  

Here is the perfect example...

A pair (or pairs) of denim jeans turned into cheap and easily stored pieces of road for Eli to drive his many cars and trucks on?  Yes please!

There is a thrift store within walking distance of our house.  Eli and I often take a stroll there to look for gently used board books to add to his library.  Most are only 75 cents!  On our most recent trip, I also picked up the biggest pair of men's black jeans I could find.



Then I cut some simple road patterns out of plain white paper and tried to make my mom proud by pinning and cutting them out like someone who actually knows how to sew.


A little yellow puffy paint for the center lines...



I also added some velcro dots on each end of the road so that we could stick them together... which helps with the roads not sliding out of alignment when the earthquake known as Eli crashes through!

20110706-001.jpg 20110706-002.jpg



Becca said...

How clever! I love it!

Onalee said...

Great idea... I might try it when Luke is older.

JJE said...

That is a great idea, my little guys loves driving his cars and planes around. I will definitely try this. Thanks Deb for finding this idea!

Gina Dankel said...

Fun, fun, fun!