Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some gems from my phone... vol 1


1.  Eli is very into anything that has a steering wheel 
that he can pretend to drive.  Here is Exhibit A.


2.  See #1.  Exhibit B.


3.  See #1 again.  Exhibit C.


4.  Eli figures out a popsicle.


5.  A big moment for Josh as he gets to meet professional 
wrestler Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka at a VB tournament. 
As my brother-in-law said when he saw the picture,
 if you have 'Superfly' in your name, you can rock a 
fanny pack whenever you want!


Sarah Call said...

First of all I cracked up reading about the "fanny pack" comment. So hilarious and so true. Secondly, Graham is also loving the "fla-vor-ice" this summer. We use it as a "teething tool" for the rest of his teeth that he is working on and it seems to be working. Great pictures as usual!