Friday, August 19, 2011

St. Louis, Part 1 - Hanging with Uncle Nate

Thanks to a perfectly timed wedding of a sweet friend, Eli and I escaped to St. Louis for a week right as Josh's preseason madness began.

Our visit also fell immediately before my most melancholy week of the year... the week that holds both Noah's birthday (Aug 17) and the anniversary of us saying goodbye to him (Aug 16).

Which was also perfect timing... because spending time with our friends in the Lou was food for my heart and soul when I needed it most.


We spent a great afternoon and evening with Josh's brother Nate... who hadn't seen Eli since last June.  Eli LOVED hanging with Uncle Nate and was quite enamored with his dog, Maddie, too.



Eli especially enjoyed introducing Nate to his favorite game of chest bumping. 


But my favorite moment of the day came when Nate got his guitar out and Eli joined him for an impromptu jam session.  I could watch this video over and over... oh, wait, I have watched it over and over!


Gina Dankel said...

goodness that's cute! i love that he's using the pick.

The Cooks said...

Just too precious!!!!