Tuesday, August 30, 2011

St. Louis, Part 3 - Hanging with the Duggins and the Fabbianos

We squeezed in lots of visits with friends during our time in St. Louis... some days I ran Eli a little ragged as I dragged him around town.  

On this particular day, we first hit my old school (North Kirkwood Middle School) so the principal could show off the new science wing that is under construction.  I am SO jealous that I didn't get to work in this space... it is going to be really impressive when it is finished and a vast improvement over the small classrooms most of the science teachers were in before.

After leaving North, we headed to south city to visit with Erin, Marlie, and Tate Duggin.  Erin is my sweet and extremely talented photographer friend who took these awesome pics of Eli after he was born.  Tate was only awake for a bit of our visit so I didn't get any pics of his cute mug, but I did snap a few of Eli and Marlie playing outside.  




At some point, after we went back inside, Eli started coloring in Marlie's room and I couldn't resist catching him in the midst of all the pink!


Our last stop of the day was the Fabbiano home.  I'd actually already seen Katie twice during the trip but both times were without our kids.  She had never met Eli and I hadn't met her youngest son Joshua.  So, in spite of the busy day and lack of napping, we headed over for a little play time.  Eli did fall asleep in the car and stayed asleep for the beginning of our visit (while I relished the all to rare snuggles) but we still had fun!

Look at these blue-eyed cuties!


Our friend Kelly stopped by, too... it was her wedding celebration that brought us to St. Louis to begin with!  I love this picture of her playing with the boys. 


Eli found this guitar to play with but was a little confused as to why there were no strings to strum!  Doesn't he look like a little rock star?


Katie and I were both hoping for a cute pic of all three boys together but Samuel was still a little grumpy from his nap (who can blame him?) and wanted nothing to do with my camera.  I did get this super cute on of Eli giving Joshua a little side hug...


... and managed to snap a quick one of Eli and Samuel sitting together before we headed out!



Amy R. said...

I SOOO wish that I would have been able to see you, but our family trip to Colorado coincided with your visit. :( Adorable pics.