Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Valentine Adventure

After being on the road for 4 weekends in a row, Josh had the weekend off from recruiting... which happened to coincide with Valentine's Day. I can't say we had big romantic plans, but we did decide to escape T-Town and explore our new state.

Our first stop was Birmingham where Club Crimson (the girls volleyball club that Josh is directing) was playing in their first tournament of the season.  I decided to snap a few pictures to see if I could shake the rust off my action photog skills... 
After a quick stop for some lunch, we headed south to see if we could find the first capital of Alabama, Old Cahawba.  It is located close to Selma, a town of extreme significance in the Civil Rights Movement.  The bridge pictured below is the site of "Bloody Sunday" - civil rights activists had organized a march from Selma to Montgomery on March 7, 1965 as a part of the push for voting rights for blacks.  State and local police met the marchers on this bridge, attacking them with billy clubs and tear gas.  Pretty intense.  

From Selma, we meandered through some back roads before finding Cahawba.  Cahawba was once Alabama's state capital (1820-1826) and a thriving antebellum river town. It became a ghost town shortly after the Civil War.  Amazingly, in spite of its historical significance, very little remains of the town.  Most of the buildings were dismantled for their valuable brick and very few had foundations that would leave a footprint in the ground.  A strange place to say the least.  

After driving back to Tuscaloosa, we sought out dinner... which proved to be more challenging than we imagined as the Valentine's Day crowds packed the restaurants until late Saturday night.  So we enjoyed our 2nd annual Valentine's Day dinner at Qdoba.

(Last Valentine's Day, Noah was in the hospital for his g-tube surgery.  Josh had flown in for the surgery and was leaving again the next day... we took a break from the hospital that night for a little mexican goodness at Qdoba with our pastor and his wife.  It seems like a lifetime ago.)

After dinner, we headed back home, pleasantly exhausted from the day.  I'm pretty sure I was asleep minutes after my head hit the pillow.  Which, for me, is a blessing in and of itself.


Mrs. Filly said...

I did not know that there was a different state capital back bad am I? I've lived here much longer than you guys..I need to do some state history research! Now as for your valentines day year I recommend Waffle House..but make sure it's the one with candle light and decorations! like we did! it was sooo fun! and unique :)