Saturday, April 18, 2009

Okay, okay...

I have been AWOL from the blog world for a little while.

The truth is, I haven't felt much inspiration to post.

Josh is coming to the end of the busiest part of the recruiting season... in the last month he has been to Indianapolis, Atlanta, Dallas, Long Beach, and Baltimore. We have joked about getting him a pedometer so he can track how many miles he walks at the qualifiers. They are huge events that often have upwards of 100 volleyball courts with multiple waves of play each day.

I was able to tag along on his trip to Atlanta and used the opportunity to catch up with two great friends from college. It had been at least 5 years (probably longer) since I had seen either one of them and it was wonderful to reconnect.

The Georgia Aquarium was our last stop for the weekend... I am a sucker for an aquarium and this is a great one. We were tired and the aquarium was very crowded, but I still enjoyed it immensely. Two of my favorites from the day:

Dragonfish... not the best picture, but these were amazing!

Whale sharks ... this tank was enormous.
I could have sat and looked at it for hours.


Gina Dankel said...

So good to see you blogging. It was weird not to see you on here.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back! I missed you!

Anonymous said...

Glad to know all is ok.
Qualifier season is very busy!

How are the carpets?

erin said...

Debriefcase! So good to see you back. I love that you love aquariums.