Thursday, April 23, 2009

San Diego - Maritime Museum

After my dad's presidential breakfast presentation, he had to attend to some other work... so my mom, my uncle, Josh and I all headed over to the Maritime Museum to kill some time.

Getting to the museum was half the battle - San Diego was unusually cool and windy while we were there. And by windy, I mean gale force gusts that practically knocked you off your feet.
The Star of India, originally built in 1863.

My sweet mom getting blown by the wind...
and who will be mad at me for posting this picture.

The HMS Surprise... built as a replica and used in the movie,
"Master and Commander" starring Russell Crowe.

Josh steering the HMS Surprise.

Torpedo chutes in a Russian sub. Never, and I mean never,
could I stomach being stationed on a sub like this one.
(Two toilets for 80+ crew members... we read that disposable
underwear were popular due to unpredictable access to the facilities. Yuck.)


Tammy said...

The weather looked so beautiful!

And my mom always gets upset at any photo I post of her! :-)