Saturday, April 25, 2009

San Diego - Hash House A Go Go

Back in 2004, Josh and I vacationed in San Diego and had the opportunity to catch up with a good friend of mine from Washington University. Scott and his wife gave us some recommendations of places to eat while were exploring their corner of the world... one of those recommendations was Hash House a Go Go, a really cool breakfast joint.

We have talked about Hash House ever since and couldn't pass up the chance to make a return visit with my parents.

One of the notable features of the food served at Hash House is the portion size... check out the size of Josh's snickers pancake. That's right... snickers pancake. Delicious. And huge. (I made him put his hand in the picture so you could get a sense of its ginormity. And yes, that is a word.)

This is my order of french toast. Also delicious. Also ginormous.

Oh, Hash House. We love you so.


Gina Dankel said...


bayley said...

If people in Belgium were served those sized portions, they would freak.

erin said...

Awe man. Now I want some pancakes :).