Monday, January 11, 2010

Erin & Eli

My friend Erin came to visit this week.

We have been friends for a long time... back when we roamed the mountains in the summertime, before we married the men in our lives, and before we had babies.

I loved introducing her to Eli and he loved showing of his chubby rolls to her.

We were especially blessed by her willingness to do a photo shoot with our little family... she does amazing work that you can check out here. You should call her if you need any family photographs. Really. You should.

Thank you, sweet friend. We will cherish these pictures always.


Anonymous said...

Left hooray for the Lauer posts on Erin's blog, but you need them here as well! Happy, happy, joy, joy! Linda

erin said...

Awe...thanks friend! I had such a good time. And thanks for not posting one of the 6 chins pics :).

The Parker's said...

Loved the pictures. My favorite was the one on the bookshelf.