Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little blue eyes

Don't you just want to squish those cheeks?

Eli has a big weekend ahead of him... he is getting on a jet plane and headed to St. Louis! Josh is recruiting at a tournament on Saturday so we decided to load Eli up (I forgot how much STUFF you have to take when you travel with a baby) and use the opportunity to recharge with some friends. Most nervous about any airborne germies that might get to our little man on the plane - hopefully the short flight will reduce his risk.

It has been an emotional two weeks... the announcement of Judy's retirement (see link in previous post) has caused a bit of a stir in our lives. While we are very excited for Judy and understand the reasons for her decision, it leaves us in a little bit of limbo. It is very unlikely that Josh will continue as a coach at Alabama after next season as most new head coaches like to bring in their own staff. We have lots of time to consider all of our options and are trusting that God will open the right door for us to walk through. I'll keep you posted as things develop!


The Cooks said...

Eli is just too cute for words. We'll keep Josh and you in our prayers that God will open the right door for you. Have fun in St. Louis.

Jen said...

Hey! My grandma used to be a nurse, and she has always told us that some vaseline or neosporin on the inside of our nostrils would help us avoid getting sick on planes. Might want to check that one out with a pediatrician, though, because sometimes my grandma is a little nutty.

Anonymous said...

Were you at church on Sunday? Bad day for me to play hooky:(. Hope you are having fun in the Lou!