Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bits of my weekend - volume 1

You know how the blog world works. You read one blog which links to another. Then another. Then another. And suddenly you find yourself reading about someone's life and no idea how you got there!

A few weeks ago I went on one of those linky journeys and ended up at Six in the City, the story of a family of 6 who moved from suburbia to the wilds of New York City. I love seeing the city through Michelle's eyes... she is a great photographer and has beautiful kids.

Michelle launched "Bits of My Weekend" a few months ago... she posts pictures and stories of her weekend and encouraged other bloggers to do the same. So here is my first attempt! Enjoy!

Our weekend actually began on Thursday as we loaded Eli & all of his stuff into the car and headed to Atlanta. Josh had a little bit of recruiting (Alabama) and a little bit of coaching (Club Crimson) to do at the Big South Qualifier, so Eli and I decided to tag along.

First stop... Carrabba's just outside Atlanta. One of our favorite chain restaurants. Eli decided to forgo his car seat and sat at the table with Daddy like a big boy. Look at those cheeks!

On Friday, Josh headed to the convention center to do his thing while I hopped into the car to introduce Eli to a sweet friend of mine from college who lives north of Atlanta. We had some time to kill on our way back to the hotel and the big blue building beckoned. How could I not stop at IKEA? No major purchases... just a big beach bag and a shovel/pail combo for Eli to use when we head to Destin at the end of May.

I did take Eli in to watch a little volleyball. With over 100 courts of matches, it was easily the most people he had been around in his entire life. He was a trooper... smiling at strangers and snoozing inspite of the loud whistles and cheering.

Most of the rest of our time was spent hanging in our hotel room where we had an awesome view of Centennial Park and downtown Atlanta.

Seemed like the perfect setting for a self-portrait... although Eli didn't realize that he was supposed to smile with no one on the other side of the camera smiling at him!

Eli recently discovered that his feet are pretty fun to play with and he spent much of our weekend perfecting this skill.

We returned home on Sunday...we were tired (Eli wasn't a big fan of sleeping in his pack n' play in the hotel) but feeling like the road trip was a success!


Katie said...

Hurrah!!! Love that you're doing this!