Monday, April 26, 2010

Bits of my weekend - volume 3

So I fell down on the job last week and didn't post bits of anything. Josh was out of town which means that Eli & I were kickin' it at home without too much excitement.

This weekend started with a little bread making. Not the money variety but the actually yummy goodness that is homemade bread.

I've never made bread before and, frankly, thought it would be way too much work. But I came across a "no knead" recipe on one of my linky trips through the world of the internet that seemed pretty doable... and it was! I love me some crusty bread and this fits the bill perfectly!

No day goes by in the Lauer house without a little exersaucer time and a little sitting practice for Eli. As you can see, he loves both!

Saturday was filled with thunder, lightning and rain in Tuscaloosa. We were fortunate not to experience any of the tornados that hit our neighbors in Mississippi, but it we still decided that it was a good day to stay at home for a movie marathon. Josh bought Avatar on Blu-ray at Target (I never know what he is going to come home with when I send him there) because it was on sale and neither of us had seen it yet. In his words, "We have to own the top grossing movie of all time." I whipped up a little white chicken chili, we invited Josh's parents over, and we settled in for a trip to Pandora. (My review? Good movie, great effects, so-so plot.)

We followed Avatar with Ironman (Josh wanted to re-watch it before the sequel comes in May) and then Good Will Hunting. Not a bad movie marathon!

Sunday was the opposite of Saturday... the weather was absolutely gorgeous. We were a little stir crazy after our day in the house, so we decided to head to Panera (Bread Co for my readers in STL) for lunch and then to the Alabama baseball double header. We picked a place on the grass and enjoyed the sunshine.

When Eli started to get restless, we loaded him up in the stroller and headed over to check on the progress of the renovation work at Foster Auditorium, which will be the new home of the volleyball team sometime this fall.

Finally, I dropped the boys off at Josh's parents' house so I could run up to a nutrition seminar that is part of a work-out program I am doing for the next month (I'll probably post on this separately if I can get my muscles to keep working). When I got back, I managed to capture some of Eli's antics in his sassy seat - you can't help but laugh at him!

As always, check out the original "Bits of My Weekend" over on Michelle's blog as well as some other folks who linked there.


michelle from Six in the City said...

What a lovely weekend! That bread looks SO delicious too!

erin said...

mmmm crusty bread. Eli is such a cute chunk! I just love round headed babies.

Dayna said...

Your bread turned out beautifully! Sadly, I haven't been able to make any for several months. There's just nothing in the world quite like homemade bread. It's a happy thing!

Your baby is so cute! I enjoyed watching him bounce around.

Oh, how I miss Alabama...

Kelly Tirman said...

That bread looks super yummy!