Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

1. We are trying out Sam's brand diapers. Any opinions on them out there?

2. We have lived in Tuscaloosa for over two years now. And yet, listening to sports talk radio this morning, I still couldn't understand a caller because of his southern accent!

3. Day 2 of Boot Camp? Kicking. My. Tail.

4. Our backyard is a haven for cats. Not really sure why, but we have cats parading through all day long. So, yesterday afternoon, I initially ignored the grey fuzzy object moving along the fence line. I looked up a few minutes later and realized it was not a cat but an opossum. (Side note: I think opossums look WAY too much like giant rats, so do not take the following pics as any sign of affection on my part. But read on and you will see why I felt a bit of a connection to this particular opossum...)

Opossums are usually nocturnal, so I am not sure why this one decided to adventure out during daylight hours. She was determined to get through the fence into our neighbor's yard.

She kept getting stuck. I watched her try 2 or 3 times before I realized the problem.

You see, this was a mama opossum... if you look closely you can make out a tiny little tail under her belly. Not sure how many little ones she was toting around in her pouch but they made squeezing through slats in the fence nearly impossible.

But, like most mamas, she was undaunted. She kept trying until she discovered a wider spot at the end of the fence and moseyed along out of sight.

5. Eli has decided he likes baby applesauce. Peaches, not so much. We are going to try bananas in the near future.

6. After all those pics of a giant rat, we need a little cuteness to balance it out. I know I'm biased, but he is so stinkin' cute! (And I wanted to document this stage when the two fingers of his right hand have taken up permanent residence in his mouth.)


amber said...

A comment on the Sam's brand diapers. We have used them for both of our kids (a girl and a boy) and have loved them. No leakages ever with our daughter and very very few with our son, even overnight. We have had a good experience with them...for what a stranger's opinion is worth! :)

Sara D. said...

LOVE Sam's diapers. Cheapest around, and we used them for years with all of our kids! No leakage issues that cannot be blamed on human error! Also, I am in total shock that you were able to get those possum pictures. I HATE possums, but have to say that I found those pictures fascinating and not nearly as horrid as I usually think those rodents are. It must be the mama bond.

Gina Dankel said...

Agree w/above on Sam's diapers. I haven't used them in a while b/c I haven't made time to go to Sam's alone w/C. He hates shopping. We always had good luck w/them, but didn't work at night--we have to use overnight diapers (and a size up to help w/absorbency). They aren't as soft, but work really well.

Jamie said...

Opossums scare me, I didn't realize they had a little pouch!!

Eli's rolls are so stinkin' cute!!

erin said...

We love Sam's diapers too. I don't think they make them in Marlie's size now. If she won't start going on the potty soon I am going to have to buy Sam's brand depends I guess.
I am super impressed by your workout regimen!

The Parker's said...

I don't have an opinion, b/c we've never used them. Let me know how they work! We're having major issues with leaking -- especially overnight -- the past 2 mornings (5/6) Elijah's been waking up soaked. Tuesday morning, he was soaked all the way up to his neck. Never had that with Hailey.