Tuesday, August 17, 2010




Erin said...

Things Noah is doing in Heaven now that he's 3:

-Dressing up in costumes. Superheroes and Buzz Lightyear are his favorites.
-Singing songs since he is smart and can remember all the words. You know he's rocking some Jesus Loves Me complete with little boy dancing.
-Swimming on warm summer days.
-Has firmly decided on his favorite kind of ice cream.
-Loves watching the monkeys at the Heavenly Zoo (which is really the wild but completely safe for people because it's Heaven) and wonders if they're like Curious George.
-Enjoys making up stories about rock star volleyball players and their amazing coach.
-Stopping by to kiss his brother on the cheek every so often. I bet if you asked Eli, he'd tell you that every so often he felt butterfly kisses on his head - except that he's felt them his whole life and probably doesn't realize how special they are.
-Can say "Momma, I love you" even though you don't always hear him.

Yes, what a blessing to be 3!