Friday, August 6, 2010


For my birthday, Josh gave me an awesome program called Adobe Lightroom.

Up until this point, iPhoto has served me quite admirably. I love the simplicity of the program and, with a few exceptions, I felt like it met my demands as an amateur photographer.

But I am trying to teach myself Photoshop. And I am trying to become a better photographer which sometimes means becoming a better photo editor. And my husband likes to buy me cool programs for my computer.

And, so far, I love Lightroom. It is so much more powerful than iPhoto... both in organizing and editing my pictures... but is still fairly intuitive (which is more than I can say about Photoshop).

I'm still learning all the ins and outs of the program, but one of the features I love is the ability to easily put watermarks on the pictures I post on the blog.

What's a watermark? It is an overlay that establishes ownership of a picture. Please don't think that I have an overly high opinion of my photos that I need to protect them... I have just heard way too many stories of pictures from blogs being copied and used for other purposes without the blog owners knowledge or approval. I really don't want to make the blog private, so putting a watermark on my pictures seems like the best option.

I've been playing around with the design I like the best...


Kim Murphy said...

So jealous that you have lightroom - you're going to love it! It's my next purchase - you'll have to teach me all about it!

BayleyDickinson said...

hey, that is a good idea. likewise, i don't have that high of an opinion about my photos but i would hate to see rowan's face somewhere as a commercial for some random product in a random country. have you ever used aperture? i wondered how it compared to lightroom.

Christine said...

Apple has a free full trial of Aperture for 30 days. I'd be interested in hearing which of the three someone prefers since I'm looking to purchase ONE.

Deb said...

Adobe also has a free trial of Lightroom available for download on its website.

I read a bunch about both programs and decided it was a Nikon vs Canon type debate... people seemed to have their own preferences but both programs (especially the more recent versions of Aperature) seem to get the job done.

I opted for Lightroom because I wanted it to play nice with Photoshop... and the educational version is only $99!