Thursday, September 9, 2010

Confessions of an insecure blogger

In case you haven't realized these things already...

1. I am not crafty.

2. My house does not look like it belongs in a catalog.

3. I'm not planning on homeschooling.

4. I don't have companies offering products to me to give away on my blog.

5. I didn't write a book or start a foundation for Noah after he passed away.

But I hope you keep reading anyway.

(Because I do have a really cute kid.)



Gina Dankel said...

Yes you do! I love that towel.

Doesn't it seem like a lot of blogs are like that? Mine definitely gets into the craftiness at times, but I'm in a dry spell--and I don't care.

Erin said...

yeah, me too. Except for the cute kid part. Though I inherited a sweet stepdaughter with the husband. Two for the price of one! :) I love it.

And your non-crafty, non-homeschooling, non-giveaway, non-fanatic, pictureful blog!

Tyra said...

I love reading your blog!

-- Tyra (friend of the Lockes)

Anonymous said...

He is so cute, and I love your blog!
I especially like the videos! They are so fun.

Sarah Call said...

Deb, such a cute picture. It almost looks like the towel monster is eating him :)

amy said...

he is cute!!
and i enjoy your non-crafty blog-
not everyone can be sara denckhoff :)

Michelle said...

We have never met but I found your blog through a friend of a friend. I ready it religiously, think your blog is very well done, feel like I know you when I really don't (which sounds stalkerish I know), and think Eli is super adorable. I also think your blog is much better than mine. Keep it up!

The Wagners said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his picture!!!