Monday, September 13, 2010

While Daddy's away...

Eli and I had an adventure this weekend.

An adventure known as College Gameday.

You see, around these parts, there is only one thing worth talking about during the fall. And that is Alabama Football.

And when ESPN rolls into town for their weekly Saturday morning college football extravaganza, how can you not go and check out the festivities? Even if Josh is 3 states away in Texas!

So Eli and I donned our crimson and white, stashed some ice water in the bottom of the stroller (it was HOT), and went off in search of Kirk Herbstreit.


There were a few crazy fans... both of Bama and Penn State leanings...

20100911-004.jpg 20100911-047.jpg

There were some funny signs and other paraphenalia...



A few Penn State fans were unprepared for the heat and humidity... perhaps they were choosing the wrong liquid with which to hydrate?


I saw a few famous faces (at least if you follow college football)...



But this face will always be my favorite...



Anonymous said...

You go, Deb! Love that your goal was to find Kirk. College Gameday is a better place because of the Kirkster. What a fun adventure for you and Eli! Linda