Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday thoughts

  • It may be Labor Day and a three-day weekend for some, but in the volleyball world we are in season so Eli and I are flying solo today.

  • Really Macys? Is it really necessary to resurrect an Olivia Newton John song from Xanadu for your new advertising campaign? Really?

  • I saw a man on a horse on the way home from Target today. That is a first.

  • If you leave me in the house alone with chocolate chip cookies, I will eat them.

  • In light of the end of Boot Camp and my chocolate chip cookie issues, I started a program called C25K (Couch to 5K) this morning. I don't really feel like I am at the couch level but I'm also not ready to run a 5K, so it seemed like a good fit. And it is all built into an app for my iPhone! While I listen to music, it tells me when to walk and when to run. (There's an app for that!)

  • My son is a guitar-playing fool. This song was written especially for his guitar-playing uncles...

  • Alabama Volleyball went 3-0 at the tournament this weekend. Winning is fun! But, of course, you all already knew we won because you are dedicated fans and check results all the time right? No? Well, if you want to, follow this linky... ALABAMA VB

  • In honor of the first weekend of college football, Eli wore his Alabama football uniform to the match on Friday night. Pretty cute, huh?20100903-001-2.jpg

  • Our friends Aaron and Alisha recently relocated to Montgomery from St. Louis and we are thrilled to have them so close. They came to T-town for a the afternoon match on Saturday after which Josh took Aaron to the football game. Squished in between was a quick visit up to see the Heisman Trophy... Micah (Aaron and Alisha's son) decided a high-five was in order...
  • I am officially a Bama fan. I was buying snack containers for Eli at Target today and removed about 10 packages from the hook so I could get to the one in the back that was NOT colored orange and blue.

  • I think it is nap-time. For me. (Eli is already sleeping.)


Nicole said...

Love the picture of Eli in the football jersey!