Wednesday, December 1, 2010

364 days


Eli has been in our lives for 364 days.

That is exactly the number of days his older brother, Noah, lived before going to hang out with Jesus.

So, tomorrow, as we celebrate Eli's first birthday, I will remember how Noah's first birthday involved a trip to the funeral home and a conversation with our pastor about planning his memorial service and a lot of tears.  

I remember not because I want to dwell on that sadness, but because I don't want to take day 365 or 366 or 367 or 1004 of Eli's life for granted.  I want to soak up every minute of him.

I remember because I am thankful.  God has so richly blessed us with a second little boy who is vibrantly alive.  Who was walking at nine months and running at ten.  Who is slimming down a little but is still so pleasantly plump.  Who has a light in his eyes that reminds me so much of his brother it is amazing.  Who smiles with his whole body.

Noah, we miss you.  Desperately.
Eli, we are overjoyed to celebrate your first birthday tomorrow.
And I am positive your brother wishes he could have a bite of your cake.


erin said...

So sweetly put Deb. Happy B-Day Eli!

Allison said...

I admire your strength that comes from the Lord. Rejoicing with you. Happy Birthday Eli!

Truman Family said...

You have such a way with words. Happy birthday to your precious baby.

christan said...

Thanks, Deb, for sharing this and for being so transparent. May your birthday celebration be absolutely wonderful.

Anonymous said...

tears flowing....

Anonymous said...

didn't mean to be anonymous!