Saturday, December 11, 2010

Catching up: Halloween in Michigan

My blogging efforts have been seriously hampered lately by the craziness of life.
(That and the dilemma of nearing the limits of my free Flickr account...)

So I am playing catch up, beginning with Halloween in Michigan.

Remember Eli the Giraffe?

This picture was taken on my parents' front porch... Eli and I ventured north while Josh was on the road with the team.  Our travel to Michigan was marked by really windy conditions - so windy, in fact, that our plane tried to land in Lansing, had to pull up, and was sent back to Detroit where they cancelled our flight.  Fun times.

But we made it, and had a blast hanging out with MoMA and Grandpa.

Cheerios make everything better, even being stranded in Detroit.

Grandpa (aka toll booth operator)
 The word 'cute' just doesn't suffice.

On Halloween, we headed to the Lansing Zoo to watch the animals play with pumpkins.  The crowd around the lions was pretty big so we wandered over by the baboons to wait it out.  Eli got right up next to the glass and said hello.... and ended up evoking quite a response from the male baboon in the enclosure.  Wish I'd thought to grab my flip video because it was pretty funny!
Eli and his baboon pal