Monday, December 13, 2010

Catching up: Eli's first football game

Volleyball is a fall sport which means it overlaps with football.  This season, there were only a few weekends when both volleyball wasn't on the road AND there was a home football game.  The stars aligned late in November for us to take Eli to his first (and likely last) game at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  

Eli didn't seem to mind the chilly temperatures and loved looking at all the people... the football didn't seem to impress him too much as he crashed hard and slept through most of the game!

Eli and Coach Green




Sarah Call said...

Deb, he is SO handsome! You look fantastic too. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

christan said...

It's about time! :)

Nicole said...

I would say the same thing as Christan, but then I realized that A.J. saw his first volleyball game when we were there over Thanksgiving (at age 4)! He was 13 days old when he went to his first football game! How old was Eli when he went to his first volleyball game?