Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where is the pause button?

How did we get from here...


to here??



We finally bit the bullet and bought Eli a push and ride tricycle.

I had looked around on-line a little bit but didn't want to spend a lot of money on something I wasn't sure E was going to like or use.

On an excursion to Wal-Mart yesterday for totally unrelated items, we came across this gem for the low, low price of $39.  That is a STEAL, my friends.  

The back pole lets you push and steer... crucial for the pre-pedaling stage we are in now.

Based on the look on his face, I think he likes it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two boys and a fountain

Some friends from Montgomery came up to Atlanta last weekend.

(Well, they are really friends from St. Louis who happen to now live in Montgomery.  Which makes us happy as they are close enough to scoot over for a visit once in a while.)

After a trip to the Apple Store, a overpriced romp in the children's museum, and a 30 min detour to a park pavilion where we watched the heavens open up in a furious downpour... we made our way over to the fountain in Centennial Olympic Park.

Now, Eli loves a good fountain.  We discovered this in Destin a few months back.  This fountain was no different.  He ran right in.  Followed by a slightly more hesitant Micah.  The result was awesome.

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's a banana chocolate chip muffin kind of day




Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some gems from my phone... vol 1


1.  Eli is very into anything that has a steering wheel 
that he can pretend to drive.  Here is Exhibit A.


2.  See #1.  Exhibit B.


3.  See #1 again.  Exhibit C.


4.  Eli figures out a popsicle.


5.  A big moment for Josh as he gets to meet professional 
wrestler Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka at a VB tournament. 
As my brother-in-law said when he saw the picture,
 if you have 'Superfly' in your name, you can rock a 
fanny pack whenever you want!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Build your own Stonehenge

If you have ever assembled something from IKEA, I have a feeling that you will find this funny... 



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Road Construction

One of the newest crazes sweeping my group of friends is a website called Pinterest.

It is a virtual bulletin board of ideas that you want to remember... the way we used to rip out pages of magazines, this site allows you to grab a picture of home decor, a baby present, a hair styles, etc., that you come across on-line and 'pin' them to your board.  You can peruse what your friends have pinned and get even more ideas.

The site has the potential to be a little overwhelming and make me covet all the beautiful things in the world that I know we can't afford... but at the same time, it helps me keep track of some really fun ideas.  

Here is the perfect example...

A pair (or pairs) of denim jeans turned into cheap and easily stored pieces of road for Eli to drive his many cars and trucks on?  Yes please!

There is a thrift store within walking distance of our house.  Eli and I often take a stroll there to look for gently used board books to add to his library.  Most are only 75 cents!  On our most recent trip, I also picked up the biggest pair of men's black jeans I could find.



Then I cut some simple road patterns out of plain white paper and tried to make my mom proud by pinning and cutting them out like someone who actually knows how to sew.


A little yellow puffy paint for the center lines...



I also added some velcro dots on each end of the road so that we could stick them together... which helps with the roads not sliding out of alignment when the earthquake known as Eli crashes through!

20110706-001.jpg 20110706-002.jpg


Monday, July 4, 2011

Everyday moments

It is rare that we have these kind of everyday moments.  (Which I guess kind of contradicts calling them that.)  So I was tempted to leave my camera at home and just soak it in.

But I'm glad I didn't.


There is a little creek a few blocks from our house.  One of Eli's favorite things to do is throw rocks in the water and watch them splash.  This is usually a 'this boy has too much energy' activity for me and Eli... but a few days ago, Josh wanted in on the action, too.

20110702-030.jpg  20110702-029.jpg




Saturday, July 2, 2011

To Eli at 19 months old.


Oh Eli.

You are a bundle of energy that never stops moving.  Unless Curious George is on.  Or Cars.

There are so many things I know I am going to want to remember about you at this age.

Like how you say "no" emphatically, but don't say "yes" unless prompted.  And then it comes out "sssss-ya" with a big head nod.

And when you do want something, you say "oooooooo-ooooh" (just like Curious George) with a big smile on your face.

A few weeks ago you figured out how to make your cars drive over things... like the coffee table and my arms and legs.  You make the cutest "vroom" sound while you are driving them around.

You have no fear.  You will run away from me at the drop of a hat just so you can run.  I don't think you would look back to find me until it was too late... so I chase you.  Which you also love.

Your favorite position to sleep in is on your tummy with your butt in the air.

If you don't like the way a food feels on your fingers, there is NO way it is making it into your mouth.

You love cheese and bread.  Everything else is a crap shoot.

Anytime you see the Georgia 'G', you yell "GEEEEEEEEE!" and get so excited.  Sometimes you see the 'G' and I don't which makes for a fun scavenger hunt.  We often go on a 'G' hunt when walking through parking lots.


You love your daddy.  You have stopped crying when he leaves for work in the morning, but you used to do that all the time.  Now you just get really, really excited when he comes home.  You sometimes put a bag over your shoulder and say 'bye-bye' like you are leaving for work like Daddy.  Super cute.

You don't know many words yet... Dr. A tells me it is because your brain is completely focused on moving.  And by moving I mean running, jumping, crawling, climbing, throwing, falling, pushing, sliding, etc.  So I still haven't heard you call me 'mama' yet... but I know there is a point in a few years when that is ALL I will hear, so I am okay if there is a little delay.  "Da" means down, up, ball, Daddy, that... and probably a few more things I can't remember.  You understand most of what we say to you, even though you sometimes ignore me as I am calling your name over and over and over again.

You do say "shoes" very clearly... which probably reflects your deep and abiding love for your Crocs.

You love to fake sneeze.  Usually while in your car seat.  "aah... aaaaahhh... aaaaaaahhhhh... CHOO!"

Your favorite book right now is Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb which Moma sent you.  Even though the monkeys in this book are a little bit creepy, it is fun to read it to you and watch you practice drumming on your legs.

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb [Board Book]

Sometimes I can't believe what a great sleeper you are.  Even now, at 19 months, you take two 2-hour naps most days.  And bless us with 12 hours of sleep most nights.  When you do come into bed with us, you always manage to sleep perpendicular to me with your feet by my head.

Like your brother, people seem naturally drawn to you.  You charm everyone with your easy smile and your willingness to hug anyone.  When we drop you off at the nursery at church, you rarely look back as you run off to play.  I hope I can find some fun playmates for you soon, because you clearly thrive in social situations.

Your favorite TV show is Curious George.  You LOVE that monkey.  Lightning McQueen is your hero but you still get scared when the hot rods are messing with Mack on the highway and when Mater and Lightning go tractor tipping.  You've recently decided that trains are cool and say 'choo-choo' like a champ.  You want to pet every dog that we see.  Cats are smart enough to run away.

If I want to get you upset, all I have to do is mess with your nose.  You HATE it when anyone does anything to your nose.  Strangely enough, you didn't mind at all when I had to put eye drops in your eyes for an infection last week.  Even signed 'more' to me after I put them in.  Go figure.

The tantrum phase has officially begun... you often throw the nearest toy after I tell you 'no'.  Sometimes you slap my hand if I am trying to give you something you don't want or take something away from you.  Guess I knew this was going to happen eventually but I'm also hoping it passes quickly.

You've recently developed a love for the water and surprised me by being willing to lay on your back in the baby pool with only a small circle of your face above the water.

You are getting braver about putting your face in the water to blow bubbles... but we're not quite there yet.

I am sure I am forgetting a million cute things you do but this is a start.

We are on the downhill slide to your second birthday... and I cannot wait to know you as you grow up!

Love, Mama