Monday, May 3, 2010

Bits of my weekend - volume 4

Our weekend was filled with celebrations of Josh's birthday.

In our family we like to refer to the days leading up to and following a birthday as the "birthday zone"... Josh's actual birthday was on Saturday but our observance of this special occasion began Friday night at Judy's house. She and Pav hosted a BBQ in honor of Josh and BJ (the vb trainer whose birthday was also this weekend). We gathered on the party patio for good food and good conversation. (I didn't bring my camera, so these pics are courtesy of Kim!)

The gang on the deck

Kevin wearing one of his favorite shirts

A pic of myself that I am actually willing to post

Me and my "small fry"
(try not to get distracted by my 10 chins)

Jess & Amy

The festivities on Saturday were low key... we slept in a little, visited with Josh's parents, and had a leisurely afternoon.

Josh and Eli managed to sneak a nap in on the couch... a special treat for Josh's birthday as Eli isn't usually the snuggling sort. I couldn't resist snapping a pic of my boys as they snoozed.

Eli has been exploring the world of solid foods... he gets a little impatient as his belly doesn't fill up as fast as when he is drinking from his bottle, but otherwise is well on his way to mastering this skill. He has tried and liked apples, pears, bananas, and sweet potatoes. He is not a fan of peaches and the jury is still out on peas.

After Eli's belly was full (no small task), Judy and Pavlina came over to hang with the E-man while Josh and I headed out for his birthday dinner. This dinner was an adventure in itself as we went to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant called "Nick's Filet House". We had heard many tales of this place but had no idea what to expect. A Tuscaloosa institution, we knew we needed to visit before our time at the University of Alabama is done.

The small sign that is the only identifying markings on the
outside of the building.

Dollar bills stapled to the ceiling.

I have to say, Nick's was MUCH cleaner on the inside than I expected and the wait staff was great. My steak was a little over cooked but the food was good. And the price was right... we both had filets, potatoes, and salad for $28!

We ended the evening by indulging in Josh's favorite brownies... I was given the recipe by one of the women Josh worked with in the lab at Wash U back in the day. She told me it was a sure fire way to his heart. Delicious.

The birthday zone will continue for a while as my present to Josh is a trip to Huntsville this summer to see the Star Wars exhibit at the US Space and Rocket Center!

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michelle from Six in the City said...

Love the nap picture. So cute!

Kelly Tirman said...

I love that shirt - "feeling lucky"

Kathy said...

Yes, Nick's in the Sticks is something you have to do while in Tuscaloosa. :) Glad the b'day weekend was nice. I enjoy your photos!