Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bits of my weekend - volume 6

Lots and lots going on in Lauer-land right now... so blogging about the weekend has fallen a little by the wayside.

So here is the fast and dirty review of my weekend!

Major milestone passed by our little man - Eli's new convertible car seat arrived just in time for our trip to the beach next weekend. He had already surpassed the weight limit on our infant carrier and was getting a little cramped. This is new territory for us as Noah never got big enough to need a new car seat... his "little" brother isn't so little!

Friday afternoon we loaded Eli in the car, picked up Josh's parents, and headed to the Alabama softball game. The team opened NCAA regional play against Alcorn State with a convincing win. It was pretty sticky outside but we enjoyed the action. At one point, when Eli was getting restless, Josh's mom took him for a walk in his stroller around the stadium. She told us that a woman took one look at Eli and said: "Isn't he purdy? We need to have Brother Saban call him up for the football team!" Too funny.

(I forgot my camera so I borrowed this picture from a local sports blog. The pic is courtesy of Alex Gilbert... who I know and hope he doesn't mind!)

On Saturday, I left my boys behind, got on a plane and flew to St. Louis.

The trip was a big, big secret.

You see, one of my favorite people in the world is retiring from teaching this year and a surprise party was being thrown in her honor. At a Cardinals game no less! How could I say no?

So I hustled up to the STL on Saturday afternoon and awaited the festivities on Sunday.

The morning found me at our old church where I got to hear an awesome sermon on providence (very timely) and reconnect with many friends.

I changed from church clothes into my Cardinals gear and headed downtown.

The throngs of the Cardinal faithful had already begun to gather and I couldn't help but stop to snap a few pictures of the new Busch Stadium.

The surprise went off without a hitch. Pat was first shocked to realize that the party suite was filled with people she knew... then saw that her son was there from California... then saw that I was there from Alabama. It was truly a perfect moment.

There were a few posters on the wall documenting Pat's career... we taught together for six years so you may catch a glimpse of the younger me in some of the pictures.

Here is me, Pat, and Pat's daughter Heather...

Oh, and there was actually a baseball game played during our celebration! Here is Albert Pujols at the plate. Cardinals came from behind to win the game in extra innings.

After the game, I headed back to my home for the weekend (Cory & Nicole's house) to end the weekend in style... the LOST series finale and monkey bread. Does it get any better?

I won't go into too much detail about Monday... suffice it to say that it involved delivering wedding bell cookies to Pat at school (long story), a lunch and a coffee with sweet friends, a FIVE HOUR delay at the airport before my trip home, and a monsoon in Birmingham upon my arrival.

It was a fantastic weekend but I missed my boys and I am glad to be home.

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Kathy said...

Oh, I am so very jealous! I've been promising my two boys that we'd get to the new Busch ever since it opened and I haven't made good on that promise yet. And I even have a friend who is a STL police officer with season tix who says we can have them any time. I just can't seem to make it work. Glad you had fun!

Kirsten said...

Pat was MY teacher when I was in Jr. High, and her daughter was my friend waaaaay back then. What fun that you got to celebrate with her.