Friday, May 7, 2010


I tried to come up with some sort of clever spit-up alliteration for the title of this post... but in the end decided that the word "ugh" summed up the situation best. Fair warning: if you get queasy easy, you may want to avoid close inspection of the pictures below... although they barely capture what happens on a daily basis.

You see, this adorable little man:
has a great deal of trouble keeping the contents of his stomach IN his stomach. You'd never know it based on his girth and his chunky thighs. But take one look at the amount of laundry I do in a week and the truth would be known.

The exersaucer, which Eli LOVES, is a spit-up machine. But don't be fooled. He will spit up just chilling in his recliner seat. Or in the high chair. Or in the car seat. Or lying on the living room floor. It could be 10 min after his bottle or four hours. His tummy doesn't discriminate.

His weight hasn't suffered from all the "reverse digestion", so our pediatrician is not overly concerned. But this mama saw a lot of spit up with her sweet first born little boy ... and so she worries. And worries some more.

Eli is learning how to eat from the spoon in the hopes that "heavier" foods will be less likely to make the trip back up and out. He's not convinced, though, that this sweet, sticky stuff that is not in a bottle is really food... he eats it but requires some degree of coaxing and fusses along the way. We've been putting rice cereal in his bottles forever to thicken up his formula... with only moderate success.

I find it frustrating when Eli spits up on me... but downright embarrassing when he loses his lunch on someone else.

And my poor little man... it can't taste good, right? I know the reflux meds we are giving him helps with the burning in his throat, but it still has to taste nasty.


Better go get the clean bibs and burp clothes out of the dryer.


sara luke said...

Oh, and spit up on the exersaucer is the WORST to clean up!

Second only to when our little one spit up down one of our floor vents and we didn't find it until we started smelling it.

Becca said...

Oh man, can I relate. Amalie was a spiter. She barfed on some poor dude at Ben & Jerry's once. They were giving away free ice cream so we were all packed in to the shop. She erped on some college dude who just looked disgusted. It was made worse by the fact I was carrying her and it had some velocity splatter.


Chad and Emily said...

I have to agree with the other two fun! Weston was mr. projectile. Family wouldn't even hold him very close-he was always facing outward. I think he stopped spitting around 7 months...maybe...I'm not sure. But it was such a relief not to be smelling of sour milk and whatever solid he ate that day! Don't worry...this to shall pass!

Tammy said...

I don't guess Barfing Baby Blues is what you were looking for?! ;-)

He's a a boy sort of way.

The Bishops said...

3 boys and all just like your Eli! I quit using burb rags and started using towels. I also take the exersaucer outside and hose it off!

Sarah Call said...

Graham spits up on a regular basis also, and without fail hits someone besides me also. Just today he spit up on 2 of my cousins. He used to projectile, but that has improved some. I'm also hoping the "heavier" food stays where it belongs!