Monday, May 17, 2010

Bits of my weekend - volume 5

May is a very slow month in the volleyball world.

Which means Josh is home more than usual.

So, truthfully, I get a little confused as to when the weekend is actually the weekend.
At least that is the excuse I am using for not posting my "Bits" from last weekend and my tardiness in posting this weekend!

The weekend really started on Friday with a date with Russell Crowe.
Eli spent a little quality time with Grammy while we headed to the theater.

Very enjoyable flick. Loved Cate Blanchett as Marion and we all knew Russell Crowe would bring a little Gladiator grit to the well-worn role of Robin.

But can someone please tell me what was up with Robin's hammer and the mini horses in the final battle?

Saturday was budget day. Ugh. We spent a lot of time working on our finances, setting some financial goals, and and trying to anticipate major expenses through the rest of 2010. Not much fun and not very photo worthy... so let's move on!

Every weekend involves some quality Eli time...

Eli has recently decided that chewing on his pacifier is
often more satisfying that sucking on it!

Eli's piano that he inherited from his older brother
(and a sweet present from the Holleys) has been a favorite toy of late

Josh left Sunday for Austin where he was the keynote speaker for Austin Performance VBC end of year banquet... leaving me and Eli to fend for ourselves in rainy Tuscaloosa. Let's just say we hung out in our PJs all day and leave it at that!

With a serious lack of pictures from the weekend, let me end with more shots of our chunky monkey... There is a great park in Tuscaloosa that is designed to be accessible to kids of all abilities... there is even a swing onto which you can roll a wheelchair! We thought it would be a fun way to get a little fresh air and went to check it out...

We started by playing in front of the fun house mirror - Eli loves to look at himself in the mirror but I am not sure he recognized himself in this one!

Then we headed over to the swings. Several of the swings have really high backs that were perfect for stabilizing the little man.

Not really sure what kind of contraption this is...

Ok, Dad, I'm ready!


As always, for more "bits" visit Six in the City!


michelle from six in the city said...

What a fun weekend! And your baby is just precious!

Kelly Tirman said...

I have never seen a swing like that - Those are really cool.