Sunday, June 20, 2010

10 reasons why I love my Daddy... by Eli

1. You make me giggle harder than anyone else.
2. You keep momma calm when she is worrying about me.
3. You make the best bottles. Maybe it's because you shake them for twice as long as momma.
4. You want to buy me a pair of Air Jordans... already. Too bad my feet are too fat for shoes right now!
5. You let me play with your iPhone. Can I have it when you get your new one?
6. You give the best head rubs.
7. You don't care when I spit up on you... three times in a row.
8. You gave me my first volleyball.
9. You took me out to play in the ocean waves.
10. You let me snuggle with you in bed and watch cartoons.


Tina said...

Cute post! :) It was great to hear from you and thank you for the well wishes! I have a feeling we might be having a BIG boy, too. I was hoping for Landon to arrive a little early (in July), but our doc isn't so sure. He thinks we might just have a big baby boy. Sounds like someone else I know! LOL!

Take care and keep posting pics of your adorable little one. He is just too cute!